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Front-end Developer

Front-end Developer

We are a dynamic and fast-growing company based in Berlin, currently operating in Germany, Chile and South Africa.
Behind Agranimo is a culturally diverse team with different educational and professional backgrounds, constantly exploring the best ways to create useful products, and enjoying our professional journey together.

Job functions

As a member of Agranimo, you will be part of the software development team. You will be able to contribute and work together with the data team, making our solution better for our clients, the environment and us. Your work will be reported to the CTO and its performance will be measured according to results of the sprints, and We will review long-term performance each 6 months.

Your main tasks are:

  1. Develop and maintain our legacy and new React Apps. Promoting highest scalability, performance and stability while interacting with different internal/external APIs
  2. Work in collaboration with team members from other areas; Communicating design ideas through wireframes or collaborative whiteboarding tools. We love Miro 🙂
  3. Test and document software; unit tests and integration tests for the CI/CD pipelines.
  4. Solve software issues.
  5. Collaborate with the development team in the successful planning and execution of our Sprints.

We actively encourage applicants from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and communities, as we value the positive impact of such diversity on our team!

Qualifications and requirements

We are looking for a Front-end developer to join our team in Berlin, Germany.

  • Experience in developing front-end solutions on top of high-performance and distributed backend systems
  • Proficient in JavaScript/TypeScript, HMTL/CSS, React.js, JS Build tooling
  • Experience working in an agile environment, working under good software engineering practices such as Clean Code, testing, CI / CD, etc.
  • Have experience and a good understanding of working with GraphQL APIs
  • Experience in tools used for automation of the software development process
  • Experience in leading the technical architecture of a frontend project as well as mentoring junior developers
  • Fluency in English.


  • Interest in UI/UX, creating a consistent design and responsive user experiences across multiple devices.
  • Experience with Next.js is a plus.
  • Experience with NestJS is a plus.
  • Interest in scientific data visualization is a plus.
  • Experience in AgTech industry is a plus.


  • We offer a friendly, flexible and collaborative work environment.
  • If you are moving in from another country, We will help you with your relocation paperwork.

If you are interested in joining us, please send your CV to [email protected]

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