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Climate intelligence for fresh produce

Agranimo focuses on the following services:

Yield estimation
Soil and climate sensors
Data engineering

ET Satellite viewer

Determine your plant water needs quickly across all of your fields on a weekly basis. No sensors required.

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Automated planner

We combine weekly ET calculated using satellite data, weather information and your selected plant and soil characteristics to automatically create a weekly irrigation plan specific to your field.

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Farm services

Agranimo services consist of field sensor set up, irrigation planning, frost management, pest and disease management support.

Yield forecasting

We have pioneered a novel way of estimating orchard yield based on leaf samples. The service is currently in the commercial trial phase. Contact us to participate at no cost and receive service discounts in the future.


Our expertise in data analysis, agronomy and software engineering allows us to provide custom data integration projects to bring relevant field and ERP data together, establish processing pipelines and management dashboards. We already connect to a number of data services, for example DropControl, Raindancer, and are an Industry Cloud partner of SAP.

What our customers say

“Agranimo’s service has helped us to better understand the dynamics of water content in a soil that is quite complicated because of its coarse textures and high salinity, as we can monitor in real time how water moves in the profile and the depth of root activity. This has allowed us to compare with real soil data obtained by us in physical analysis and provide recommendations to growers to adjust the timing and frequency of the irrigation programme.

We would like to highlight the continuous accompaniment by the support team in the different follow-up meetings, who have been very willing to teach us how to use the platform and how to interpret the information in order to get the most out of it, not only on a superficial level but also in technical detail. In particular, the first meetings before the service contract, where they explained how the available probes worked and the basics of data analysis, with a focus on the transfer of agronomic knowledge.”


“We are very happy with Agranimo’s after sales service. The support team is always very willing and attentive to answer our questions and constantly monitors the operation of our station.”

Huerto Santa Mercedes

“It has been a pleasant experience working with Agranimo, (support team) basically, the first season we were a bit lost, either because of little experience with the probes and also because of the habit of working the way we were before, but from the second season onwards we started to have meetings from time to time and to take more detail on the moisture percentages of each species, meetings where we could see the moisture status and together define the irrigation frequencies based on what together we thought was best, so far it has been a good job in terms of concern for delivering a good service by the guys and of course here in the field the best predisposition to do things well, with this technology it helps us to improve efficiency, productivity and to know in a different way how soil moisture behaves in different phenological stages of the plant.”

Agricola Los Lazos

“When we started working with Agranimo to monitor micro-climate and optimise irrigation in our fields, apart from providing their own equipment, they quickly integrated our existing weather and soil sensors. Agranimo provided a lot of intelligence on how to best measure and monitor our fields, and through this motivated our farming team to use more data as part of their decision-making process.

Since then, we started to work on further data projects: they proposed the optimal phenological monitoring markers and technologies which can be used to fulfill the requirements, and proposed plans of integration of different data sources to help define how our farming activities are affecting quality and volume of yield.

We are happy to continue working with Agranimo and are happy to use their expertise and services as part of our farming technological package. We look forward to bringing more data sources together for optimisation and forecasting, with the help of Agranimo.”

Richard Franklin, Chief Information Officer, Halls Fresh Produce

Agranimo Installations
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