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Manejo del riego

Correct irrigation management throughout the season generates substantial yield quality improvements and yield uniformity. It can save up to 30% of the water used, creating an opportunity to increase the cultivated area.

In fruits, irrigation management has a major effect on caliber (reported increase up to 38%), and can have an impact on colour and taste.

Correct irrigation can be achieved by constant monitoring and analysis of the changes in soil moisture and microclimate (for example, actual evapotranspiration). Agranimo calculates all required indices in real-time and provides irrigation management recommendation based on your specific field profile.

Agranimo platform showing irrigation graph
Agranimo platform showing irrigation graph

Pest / Disease Management

Phenology is an important part of monitoring the development of pests and fungi. Every time we start working in a new region or with a new crop – we use local research and information to provide the best support in your pest management.

We help monitor pest cycles to make timely applications and prevent crop damage. With Agranimo’s precision pest management support you can be sure to get the best crop protection strategy.

Climate Control

We are able to forecast frost or heat in each monitoring point and provide an alert 12 hours before the event.

With so much time of notice, you are able to better prepare yourself and your team to act.

Every extreme weather event has an effect on the final yield. We help our customers estimate the effect on yield and better forecast their business results.

Climate indicators shown in Agranimo platform

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