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Fruit Logistica 2020 recap

This February we have been honoured again to be selected as Top-20 Start-Ups at Fruit Logistica 2020, the biggest fresh produce trade show of the year. It was a great opportunity to meet new and existing customers and partners, and exchange views on the state of the industry today.

This year’s main theme at Fruit Logistica was sustainability, and Nikita Gulin, CEO of Agranimo, was invited to give a key-note speech at the Fresh Produce Forum, one of the event platforms of the trade show, about the use of micro-climate intelligence to increase profitability and sustainability in production and logistics!

On the field level, real-time climate analysis can help reduce the amount of inputs such as water, fertiliser, labour hours through more precise irrigation, or application of crop protection. At the sales level, yield forecasting creates opportunities to find better prices and market windows, improve the relationship between the grower and the buyer, or communication between the field manager and the commercial department.

The speech drove lots of attention to the issues addressed and to the Agranimo solution. It is great to see companies focusing more and more attention on climate adaptation as a means to a more profitable and sustainable fresh produce supply chain. 

To sum up, Fruit Logistica again did not disappoint! It was an incredible event that no not only united companies from every area of the fresh produce industry but also offered superb networking opportunities with the key decision-makers of the sector.

You can watch a short recap video of Agranimo at Fruit Logistica 2020.

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